A time-lapse is a video built by joining a series of photographs taken at a fixed interval over a long period of time. Once joined together, we can experience the evolution of the photographed subject over that period of time as if it were fast-forwarded before our eyes.

Instalapse is our take on how time-lapses can be done on the iPhone and we'd like you to try it out. If you were already familiar with time-lapse, we're pretty sure you're going to have some fun seeing how far the iPhone can go. If you're new to this exciting field of photography, prepare to be taken aback by the astonishing results you can achieve.

Take a look at this example:

Instalapse on your iPhone

Unleash your creativity!


HD 720p Video

With Instalpase you'll be creating HD time-lapse videos that you can export to your camera roll or download via iTunes File Sharing

Two shooting modes

Both Manual and Automatic modes are available. Additionally, you'll be able to stop the shooting, create and save the video anytime.

Easy to use

Three simple steps:
- Shooting settings
- Start taking photographs
- Render video


We want Instalapse to keep evolving and respond to our user's needs. Don't be shy and share your thoughts emailing us at

Instalapse · 2011